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200 000 cellular numbers in France.
Our file, created in 2001 thanks to our different opt-in collection programs (Internet site, questionnaires..), allow us to offer you the making of direct marketing campaigns through SMS.

In the same way than with traditional files, you can select the cellular users profiles with socio-demographic and behaviourist criteria

- Surname, firstname
- Male/Female
- Age
- Profession
- Geography
- on-line purchase
- Phone service provider
- 50 centers of interest
- sport, computering, leisure..
- culture, games, gastronomy.....

To obtain a precise counting according to the criteria introduced, or according to other ones, you only have to fill in the counting request by clicking the link " SMS files counting " or by contacting us at 00 33 (0)1 49 4 02 02. We will sned you an answer whithin 48 hours.


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